La Route Bleue


In 2008 Altitude Films travelled to remotest Nepal to film  a charity project giving  out baseball caps and educating locals about the need for good eye care. This became the documentary The Forgotten Himalaya. The film was shown in various locations in Canada and the monies raised went to constructing a hospital buiding in Simikok, the capital of Humla. Hundreds of successful cataracts surgeries have since been performed as well as thousand of other much needed consultations.

One of Toby’s first projects was raising enough funds to build a small hospital building in Mauritania, Western Africa. His climbing partner Lou and he climbed 4 famous Alpin North faces in Winter with their exploits being followed by TV news, radio and newspapers. Despite severe frostbite on a new route on the Breithorn and being caught in avalanches on the Eiger North face the duo managed to both survive and raise enough money to build the hospital.

Simikot, Humla, NEPAL